Is CBD Oil Legal?

Legality is a question that many people ask themselves about hemp oil. The answer to that question depends on which country is being considered.

Cannabinoid itself is not at all psychoactive, thanks to which many countries do not ban its sale, even in many it is completely legal. However, various restrictions apply to its sale.

The demand for CBD oil has increased dramatically around the world, even though it is illegal in some countries, people make use of this oil because of the many health benefits it provides.

It should be noted that the benefits provided by this CBD oil have not been fully studied, which means that many of its benefits have not been confirmed or revealed by studies. More studies are still needed to verify that the benefits are real and effective. Due to lack of studies and other reasons, CBD is not legal in some countries.

The CBD is not psychoactive

CBD, as already mentioned, is not psychoactive, this word may not be familiar to some people.

Psychoactivity is present in some drugs. It is a chemical substance that can be natural or synthetic in origin and is capable of affecting the body of living beings. This substance is capable of inhibiting pain, modifying mood or altering perceptions.

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It is associated with the cannabis plant

The CBD is considered relatively safe and certainly completely natural. However, because it is directly associated with cannabis, it is the main cause of confusion and debate around the world.

The situation is complex, and CBD is legal in many regions where cannabis is not, which means that even CBD-rich varieties containing small amounts of THC remain illegal.

Industrial hemp and THC

Industrial hemp is a commercial species where its cultivation and sale are legal on a large scale.

The difference between hemp and cannabis is specifically in the THC content, as both are variants of the same species. Industrial hemp usually has only 0.3 per cent THC, the low percentage of THC being one reason it is legal.

Because of the absence of THC, CBD is considered legal in areas where cannabis is not legal.

Legality in different countries

In the United States, the use of the CBD is really confusing, because the 50 states that make up this country have different laws on cannabis. However, CBD is totally legal at a recreational and therapeutic level in: Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington DC, Oregon and Massachusetts.

In different European countries CBD is also legal, although its use and sale is strictly controlled. Some of these countries are: Denmark, Italy, Romania, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Austria.

In the United Kingdom the CBD is also considered legal, and is not controlled, so there are no restrictions and you can use and buy freely.

Switzerland also has no control over the use of the CBD and it is legal, however, it has one restriction and that is that the THC cannot exceed 1%.

In Canada the use of cannabis was legalized on a recreation basis, this means that getting CBD is really very simple.